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Mono Ring, white 4-piece


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Find out more about Mono Ring at ring.mono.de

Mono Ring Welcome back! Mono Ring has been missing: on the table, in the office, at friends’ homes, and we missed it too. We were very uneasy about it.

So finally we have decided to bring Mono Ring back home. For us the Mono Ring story continues, but for many it is just about to start. This is going to be exciting. The designer Peter Raacke, together with the graphic designer Karl-Oskar Blase and then managing director Herbert Seibel, established the brand Mono at the late 1950’s and also designed the flatware experiment Mono Ring in 1962. Mono Ring was in the market for three decades and became a classic. The young designer Mark Braun, 47 years younger than Peter Raacke, only knew Mono Ring from the design literature. He studied the original design intensively and reinterpreted it for its reintroduction. Raacke’s idea of 1962 remains strong: flatware that does not need a drawer and does not have to be placed next to the plate. Instead, it hangs visibly and handy on a cross-shaped rack in the center of the table and diners around the table help themselves. 

Wilhelm Seibel, Mono’s managing director, together with Mark Braun presented the results to Peter Raacke. After a intensive examination he gave his blessing: “You can do that!” In 2018, a new chapter in flatware history begins for Mono Ring. Revised and refreshed in ist form and available in five contemporary colors. Ist handle combines latest research and high-tech material. Hanging on the rack in the middle of the table – that is the proper place for Mono Ring at home, in diners, in cafeterias, in bistros, and in restaurants. Enjoy your meal.