material and maintance

While it may sound like an oxymoron: the simplest is the most difficult. When the first mono product, made of high grade stainless steel – mono-a flatware – came to market in 1959, many snickered and referred to it as a mere piece of metal.

It is not an uncommon fallacy to confuse what is austere with primitive.

The skills and efforts of our craftsmen doing the grinding and polishing bear testimony to this difference. Those who have a chance to observe our manufacturing process will immediately recognize the fact that it is significantly more difficult and labor intensive to achieve perfection in the production of the essential and unadorned mono flatware. It is relatively simple to “hide” imperfections in ornate, baroque designs, while the plain surfaces of mono stainless steel are very unforgiving and literally demand total flawlessness. In the mean time, the “mere piece of metal” has been the recipient of multiple international awards and has truly become a design icon.