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Sarah Wiener

How good craftsmanship works.

Sarah Wiener understands her craft. As a TV chef, book author and owner of four restaurants she stands for food preparation that is based on, and pleases with precise know-how and fresh ingredients rather than dramatic effects. No wonder that she came to Pott with her ideas for knives. Pott not only stands for good design, but also for superior traditional fabrication. Each and every Sarah Wiener knife is produced by us in over 90 manual steps. In the process we follow the same rules as Sarah Wiener does with her cooking ...

Manually produced in 90 steps – in other words the slow cooking for knives.

Hand forged from a single piece. 56°Rockwell hardness in addition to ice hardening for slicing durability. This means the knife remains sharp for a long time and is easy to re­sharpen at home. Through separate pre and fine honing processes the surface of the blade becomes extremely smooth, and the pores of the steel seal themselves – a natural rust proofing ensues. The molybdenum/vanadium Solingen steel and a nine­step forging process make the blade extremely hard and rust proof, yet supple and resilient. In addition, it is sharp thanks to repeated manual honing and polishing by the blade master, who also tests each knife for performance.