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Edition IJM

2019 Mono partners with International Justice Mission Germany (IJM) and presents a limited edition of the Mono Classic teapot.

In August 1983 the Mono Classic teapot was launched. Tea friends and design fans agreed on the successful synthesis of form and function - a design object that caused a sensation. In November 2019, the classic will be given a new look. In a limited edition, Mono Classic will now be blue and will once again attract attention - for a good cause. The colour not only stands for harmony, it is above all a tribute to the charity partner IJM. International Justice Mission (IJM) is an international human rights organization that finances itself as a non-governmental organization through donations. Social engagement, locally and internationally, as well as standing up for values and contributing to important issues has been a central concern of Mono as a family business since its foundation. Following this tradition, the Mono Classic Edition IJM is a logical consequence. Teapot incl. teapot cost 295 EUR. For every teapot sold, IJM Germany receives a donation of 50 EUR.

Mono Classic turns blue

The idea of the designer Tassilo von Grolman was simply (and) ingenious: a strainer almost as big as the pot to give the tea leaves maximum space to develop their aroma. The teapot is made of fireproof Duran glass, the tea strainer is made of stainless steel, stable and absolutely tasteless. The lid, frame, teapot and tray of the IJM Edition have a silk-matt blue surface, which is created by powder coating. This type of paint is environmentally friendly, offers high corrosion protection and is particularly resistant. Mono naturally also meets its highest demands in terms of material and workmanship with the Editon IJM.

Wilhelm Seibel, owner and managing director of Mono, about the cooperation:

„We follow and admire the work of IJM. For many, slavery is a topic from the last century. IJM shows with current cases and factual numbers that this assumption does not corre- spond to reality. Although slavery is no longer legal in any country, today there are more people in modern slavery than ever before. A total of about 40 million modern slaves are estimated. We hope that we can make a small contribution with the Mono Classic Edition IJM. We want to draw atten- tion to this topic and support it financially in order to finally put an end to slavery“.

About IJM

International Justice Mission (IJM) is an international human rights organization with a branch in Germany. IJM works worldwide for the rights of poor people suffering from indiscriminate violence. One focus is on combating human trafficking and modern slavery, which are to be abolished by 2030. This goal is in line with the United Nations‘ sustainabi- lity goals. IJM was founded in 1997 in the USA. Today, more than 1,000 permanent employees work for the organization in 16 countries. The work of IJM is based on 3 pillars: Free people, convict perpetrators, strengthen legal systems. IJM investigators collect evidence to free people together with the local police. Then lawyers take up the case and bring the perpetrators to justice. IJM has already freed 49,000 people from oppression and helped to convict 3,800 offenders.

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